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These recordings of the Baranya Big Band are regarded as unique within the history of music.

The concert was recorded on 23 February, 1998 in the Ferenc Liszt Concert Hall in Pécs, Hungary.

The conductor and orchestrator of the opuses performed was Tamás Schóber.

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Tamás Schóber: Mass in November – Mass for the Dead
Tamás Schóber: Missa mosso
Performed by the Campanella Children’s Choir and the Ad Libitum Ensemble – art director (art director Tamás Schóber,

Szekszárd Big Band – art director: István Pecze
Orchestrator: Ádám Gráf

Conductor: Tamás Schóber
Package: ordinary plastic case

Recorded in the do-lá Studio

Published by SCHTUDIOTON

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Including three CDs recalling characteristic Pécs-moods
Package: ordinary plastic and paper cases




Szürke Schtudioton sima füzet B5- ös méretben/ Grey Schtudioton exercise book, blank, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Kék Schtudioton négyzethálós füzet B5-ös méretben/ Blue Schtudioton exercise book, squared, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Baranya Big Band CD, a legendás jazz nagyze-
nekar lemeze / Baranya Big Band CD, The best songs from the legendary Hungarian big band
1905 HUF/ 8 EUR/ 10 USD

Schtudioton felvarrók többféle színben/ Schtudioton patches in big variety of colours
480 HUF/ 2 EUR

Indigókék Schtudioton hangjegyfüzet B5- ös méretben/ Blue Schtudioton exercise book with staves & lines, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR