The Campanella Children's Choir has completed one of its greatest challenges. In the year 2010 we participated in the World Choir Games in Shaoxing. This program offers the best choirs in the world, the possibility of gauging their singing capacities in different categories for children, youth and adults. Despite a number of attempts, the Campanella Children's Choir had not managed to take part in this competition before, mainly for financial problems. In 2010 things changed as we realised that our dearest dream could come true. We could get to this most prestigious world event of music life. We entered the competition in December, 2009 by sending our records and the required documents. We were registered and the city of Pécs was invited to the competition. This way our choir could build a bridge between our hometown Pécs and Shaoxing, our future twin city. During the school terms, we gave first priority to the preparation for this competition over any other programmes.


In July, 2010 in China we represented our school, the city of Pécs, as well as Hungary. It was only the Campanella Children's Choir that had the honour to represent Hungary in this prestigious competition.


Our team consisted of 40 children, an accompanist, five teachers of the school and a paediatrician.


This project gave new meaning to the last two school terms as we engaged in preparing throughout the year to be able to meet the standards at the competition.


The members of the choir participated in numerous activities:

they had an extra 4-hour choir class every Saturday morning

they propagated the idea of singing in choirs in a number of programs related to the European Capital of Culture projects, school events or local programs in town

they performed valuable pieces of the Hungarian children's choral literature composed by Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók, Lajos Bárdos and József Karai

their repertoire included prestigious pieces of Renaissance music as well as adaptations of contemporary music

the children's parents made great sacrifices by raising a sum of 100.000 forints per child and guaranteeing their children's presence at the choir classes

The Campanella Children's Choir's objectives formed a unique team of children, teachers and parents who joined together to accomplish the ultimate aim.


Since our primary school is not a music school, our aim could only be to fulfil our commitment and do our best in the competition. Besides participating, we aimed at propagating a capella music. There were 17 choirs in our category. Despite the fact that we competed with professional choirs, our choir achieved an unexpected result. We managed to precede 6 choirs out of the 17. Thus the Campanella Children's Choir attained the prestigious 11th place in the World Choir Games in Shaoxing. At the same time we were evaluated and awarded 7th silver qualification, which is regarded an outstanding result in such a prestigious competition. This can be considered as the zenith of the choir's 20-year-long career. Our professional and financial investment was worth making. Moreover, we highlight the fact that we could take part in the 6th World Choir Games during the time of the global financial crisis which highly limits the cultural investments around the world. Our public concerts attracted crowds of people, we appeared on the local TV channel, sang in Simao Square, the main square of Shaoxing, represented Hungary in the Shanghai World Expo and sang next to the Great Wall of China. We took all the opportunities to popularize our homeland's choral culture.


Besides the unforgettable experience we obtained, the competition entailed some other advantages. It gives meaning to young choir members of our school and poses new challenges for the future. In a word, this success gives us new hope for the coming school terms. We proved that hard work can make our dreams come true. The fantastic trip to China, the outstanding success and the experiences we gained speak for themselves.


Thanks for everyone who helped us accomplish our goals.


Tamás Schóber 

choirmaster of the Campanella Children's Choir




On 20th May, 2010, the Campanella Children's Choir was invited to sing in the 4th International Youth Music Festival in Pécs, Baranya. On 21 May the same year they performed their competition repertoire in the Assembly Room of the Baranya County Hall.


Youth ensembles, choirs, dance groups, jazz ensembles and orchestras from Baranya county, twin cities of Pécs, cultural capitals of 2010 and previous years arrived at the International Youth Music Festival to present their own national customs and traditions. Especially valuable was the laudation of Tamás Schóber and his choir's work by Aurél Tillai, Ferenc Liszt Award laureate choirmaster. 



Children's Choir Festival in Halle


After the success and awards in Hungary, we decided to step on international stage and registered for the 16th Children's Choir Festival and Competition in Halle. It was possible to participate with an invitation to the competition. The pre-jury made the decision on the basis of our CD records. Since they appreciated the choir's records, on 5th May, 2005 we could travel to the festival.


We stopped in Vienna to visit the graves of the Vienna Classics in Zentralfriedhof and to explore the architectural masterpieces of the city centre including the Hofburg, the Stefansdom and the beautiful buildings in Graben. After a night spent on the coach, we arrived in Leipzig and visited the Thomas Kirche, the most significant location in Bach's life.


Our hosts were waiting for us in Halle. The festival started in the evening. We looked round in town and got in touch with the other choirs. Despite the chilly weather, we enjoyed being part of the crowd. Besides our performance in the competion, during three days that followed we gave memorable concerts in a mentally challenged people's home. The local newspaper reported the event. On the following morning we took part in a joint buskers' performance with the other choirs. We sang in a centre department store from the beginning of the century converted into a  culture centre. In the Gothic church we listened to several concerts by our comptetitors. We bid farewell at the cultural centre of Halle. Besides the excellent technical arrangements, we were fascinated by the professional way of organizing the programme. We enjoyed listening to the short programmes of the familiar and unfamiliar choirs, too. The highlight of the evening festival came when all the choirs joined together to perform a song thus emphasizing the connecting power of music. As a last programme we took a nice walk in the city of Prague. 


Gabriella Bobánovics

choir secretary 


Archive newspaper articles and photos of the Campanella Children's Choir are being uploaded here.


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Names of the eighth-grader choir members who left school in June, 2011


Grade 8a


Csenge Ankner

Borbála Baróthy

Dalma Czibolya

Barnabás Gyõri

Ádám Józsa

Zóra Patartics

Veronika Rónai

Nóra Ruszkai

Sára Schóber

Anna Szeteli

Dalma Szigeti

Viktória Visegrády

Grade 8b

Ákos Kemenes

Eszter Kolda

Petra Salánki

Thank you for your hard work during all the years. Keep in touch and read the homepage to get the information about the future endeavours of our choir.


At the school's festival on 15 April, 2011 our guests could listen to the Festive Music for Children (The Millennial Ode) composed by György Selmeczi, the famous Hungarian composer, conductor, pianist and opera director. The Campanella Children's Choir performed the ode in an intriguing, authentic way with great empathy to the ode's message. They mediated the content indirectly, with varied dynamics.


The pianist's role who accompanied the choir that night was significant as he applied extraordinary technical tricks to improve the impact of music. Thank you, András Rébék-Nagy.

About a perfomance in April:

On the 10th of April, 2011 the Hungarian Hospice Foundation organized the programme called Fields of Dignity in Pécs, where participants could have a look at the daffodils planted in memory of  of incurable cancer patients. In the northern part of the walkway of the castlewall the participants emphasized the importance of preserving human dignity which is the basic idea of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation. This was the first time The Millennial Ode by György Selmeczi was performed by the Campanella Children's Choir. The choir was conducted by Tamás Schóber, the choirmaster. We were pleased to see that the number of people attending the event and supporting the foundation increases every year. Like in previous years, Primary School Number 1 of Pécs University was represented at this programme by two grades of students. This year these were grades 5c and 1b.


The Campanella Children's Choir has been working at Primary School Number 1 of Pécs University for more than two decades. Despite the fact that members do not attend specialist music primary school, they have achieved a lot of success.

In the Singing Youth Qualifying Choir Competition they were awarded 16 gold qualifications, 6 gold awards with diplomas and four times the title of the Choir of the Year.

The choir participated in the International Chorus Festival in Budapest where they were awarded one silver 10th prize and one brass award. Once they attended the  Zoltán Kodály Hungarian Choir Competition in Budapest, as well and received a bronze award.

They took two concert tours in France and sang in the International Children's Choir Competition in Halle, Germany. In Hungary, they have perfomed  in a number of cities, such as Szekszárd and Eger and maintain a 19-year long partnership with Ferenc Erkel Primary School in Pápa, Hungary.

In the last few years the choir has appeared in a number of records:

Lottie and Lisa - a short musical drama story for children - cassette, 1993

International Chorus Festival in Budapest - CD, 1995

Leaving School (Ballag már a vén diák) - CD, 1998

Songs in the in-class music listening material of the Hungarian Elementary Songbook series, Apáczai Publishing House: My First Songbook and My Second Songbook, CD and cassette, 1996

Pécs - Chambéry - CD, 1998

International Chorus Festival in Budapest - CD, 2001

A Merry Time - published for the school jubilee, CD, 2001

Emil, a short musical drama story for children - CD, 2003

Junior Choir of Primary School Number 1 of Pécs University - CD, 2005

International Children's Choir Competition in Halle - CD, 2005

Csukás - songs (Fables 1)

Extracts from Mass in November - Kyrie, Credo

Children's Choirs from Pécs, Hungary - CD, 2005

Children's Fun - CD, 2006

a record with Campanella Children's Choir made by the Hungarian classic FM radio Béla Bartók, 2006

Scout Marches, Songs and Memories - CD, 2007

CD records for puppet shows of the Puppet Theatres of Gyõr and Szeged

Mass for the Deceased Souls - Mass in November - CD, 2008

Missa Mosso - CD, 2009





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