Tamás Schóber’s Biodata


Place and date of birth

Pécs, 5 June, 1963



Mother: Teréz Füredi

Father: János Schóber

Elder brother: János Schóber

Wife: Márta Kozma (married in 1990)

Son: Soma Schóber, 1995

Daughter: Sára Schóber, 1996


Education and qualifications

1969-1977 Mátyás király Primary School

1977-1981 István Széchenyi Grammar School

1981-1986 Pécs University, 3 Majors: Music, Trumpet and Self-Education Manager 

1987-1993 Choir Conducting and Music Composition Studies

2001- Advisor, Pécs University

2005 graduates from Budapest University of Technology and Economics



1986-  Teachers Training Primary School of Pécs University: Music teacher and choirmaster


Professional activities

1987- Mentor at Teachers Training Primary School of Pécs University

1988 Baranya Big Band, his orchestra accompanies thousands of singers in the Europa Cantat Festival where he cooperates with a number of well-known people of cultural and music life in Hungary and abroad, like Imre Antal the famous Hungarian pianist, TV presenter and comedian,  Oscar Peterson’s successor, Guido Helbling, the Manhattan Transfer Singers’ pianist as well as their tenor singer and many others

1996- school inspector of Baranya county, Hungary

1996-1998 delivers a series of lectures to teachers and choirmasters on the use of in-class music listening repertoire of Hungarian primary school textbooks all over the country 

1980s founding member of Ferenc Liszt Society of Pécs

1980s founding member of Zoltán Kodály Society of Pécs

1980s joins the Lajos Bárdos Society

1996 founds Schóber LLC – SCHTUDIOTON, his own record publishing company and produces records of famous ensembles

1997-  advisor of  Hungaroton-Gong Record Company

2001-  produces CDs for Alexandra Publishing House, Hungary

2003-  joins the Society Artisjus Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors’ Rights



Composes more than 150 pieces of music


Composes music for 4 plays:

1993 Lottie and Lisa

1998 Mattie the Gooseboy

2003 Emil

2010 The Bench


Produces and records several CDs:

1998 Baranya Big Band

2001 Pécs, the City of Mediterranean Moods

2006 Children’s Fun 

2008 String Rhapsody – String Quartet 1

2009 Mass in November, Missa mosso (with Szekszárd Big Band)

2010 European Capital of Culture: 3 CDs: Moods, Memories; Traditions, Values; Pécs, the Cultural Metropolis


1979- conducts the István Széchenyi Wind Orchestra

1987-1990 conducts the Baranya Big Band Jazz Orchestra



1986- conducts school choirs

1982-1988 associate choirmaster and singer of the Pécs Summer Theatre music performances 

1986-1998 associate choirmaster of Béla Bartók Male Choir

1994-1998 choirmaster of Szigetvár Tinódi Mixed Choir, Hungary


Member of ensembles

1981-1982 trumpeter of the Regiment Orchestra of the Hungarian National Army 

1980-1984 conductor and bass singer of the Pécs Spiritual Ensemble

1982-1983 trumpeter of the Pécs Spectrum Jazz Ensemble

1982-1987 trumpeter of the Baranya Big Band Jazz Orchestra

Professional tours abroad

Tours all over world with Béla Bartók Male Choir:

Debrecen and Budapest in Hungary

Torrevijeha, Spain

Karditsa, Greece

Arezzo and Riva del Garda, Italy

Appeldoorn, the Netherlands

Tours, France

International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada 

Los Angeles, Tucson, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, USA 



Tours all over the world with Campanella Children’s Choir:

Budapest, Hungary

Szekszárd, Hungary

Eger, Hungary

Pápa, Hungary (19-year long partnership with Ferenc Erkel Primary School)

2 concert tours in France

International Children’s Choir Competition in Halle, Germany

China: conducts the Campanella Children’s Choir at the 6th World Choir Games in Shaoxing, in the Shanghai Expo, in Beijing and at a concert at the Great Wall of China, 2010



1985-1987 brass,solfège and music theory teacher and conductor of the Music School of Bóly, Hungary



2007 Listening to Music: Anthologies 1-10, Alexandra Publishing

1996-  Performs publisher’s readership of Hungarian elementary songbooks and Teachers’ Books in cooperation with József Tihanyi

1997-2007 with László Dobos they record, direct and edit the in-class music listening CDs material of the Hungarian Elementary Songbook series, Apáczai Publishing House

1985 founds the Music School of Bóly, Hungary

1985 founds the Junior Wind Orchestra of Bóly, Hungary


Awards, achievement

1982 spring- 1st prize in the talent competition of the Hungarian National Army

1984- the Pécs Spiritual Ensemble appeared in the first round of Talent Show recorded by the Hungarian National TV Channel (MTV) 

5 September, 2007 the Hungarian Elementary Songbook series wins the Hungarian Quality Product Award

Campanella Children’s Choir received several awards, certificates, special prizes in Pécs as well as international chorus festivals in Budapest: 

16 gold awards, 6 gold award with diplomas, 1 silver award, 4 special prizes and four times the Choir of the Year title  in the Singing Youth Qualifying Choir Competition in Pécs

1 silver 10th prize and 1 brass awards in Budapest

1 brass award in the Zoltán Kodály Hungarian Choir Competition in Budapest

1990, 1993, 2010 receives 3 Honourable Mentions from the President of Pécs University

2007 the Association of Hungarian Record Companies (MAHASZ) awards him 4 gold and 1 platinum records  

Wins numerous tenders for composers

His signals appear in European and world programmes

His music pieces are broadcast by Hungarian TV channels and radio stations in Hungary and abroad

2010 wins silver 7th prize with the Campanella Children’s Choir, the only choir from Hungary in the 6th World Choir Games, Shaoxing, China 

2010 conducts the Campanella Children’s Choir in the Hungarian Pavilion in Shanghai Expo where they meet the Hungarian consul


"Professional perfection, clear movements of melody, endeavour to tune plain message and his love of life reflect his composer style." (Attila Kovács, Pécs Concerto, p628)  




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