AKG 414 microphone family and the AKG C 1000 S, our professional microphones guarantee the highest quality recording of your students’ music performance whether it be singing solo  or in choirs,  playing single musical instruments or in orchestras.  Equipment and softwares  we use for recording include : Fireface 800OctamicMacBook Pro and high performance  intelprocessor Apple workstations, with Cubase 5,6, Nuendo 5, Wavelabe 7, PowerCore at our customers’ disposal. We use Mastering softwares to meet the technological challenges of the 21st century.

For playing back recorded materials we use Roland active loudspeakers and AKG 501 headphones.

For restoring recording created for gramophones, microgroove record players , cassette or reel-to-reel audio tape recorders, minidiscs and DAT recorders we have a range of specific tools which we managed to  use for saving innumerable archive recordings for the future generation. We receive orders from individuals as well as audio archives and even from national radio stations, like Radio Bartok, the Hungarian Classic FM.  



Schtudioton jegyzettömb kicsi/ small Schtudioton notebook
254 HUF/ 1 EUR

Három állatmese:
Harkály, Sün, Bagoly
1500 HUF/ 7 EUR/ 10 USD

Bordó Schtudioton vonalas füzet B5-ös méretben/ Claret Schtudioton exercise book, lined, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Bordó Schtudioton hangjegyfüzet B5- ös méretben/ Red Schtudioton exercise book with staves & lines, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Barna Schtudioton sima füzet B5-ös méretben/ Brown Schtudioton exercise book, blank, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR