Pannon Children's Choir - Hungary - Pécs

The Pannon Children’s Choir was founded in Pécs, Hungary, in 2015 and is handsomely supported by the Pannon Music Association, headquatered in Pecs. Members of the choir include talented students from both primary and secondary schools within the city of Pécs.  Recently, the single primary objective in support of the choir included a thorough and conscientious preparation followed by a successful debut, which took place in June, 2016, in which the choir performed at a concert in the House of Arts and Literature in Pécs.  Notably, the patron of this concert was Ms. Zoltánné Kodály, widow of the world-famous Hungarian composer of the 20th century. Since  this concert performance,  the choir has participated in several concerts including both joint performances and concerts entirely performed by the choir. 


Much to the delight of today’s membership, the choir receives an abundance of invitations from both within Hungary and abroad. They are warmly received and considerably popular contributors to festivals and premieres.  Distinctively, the choir has performed in joint concerts featuring world famous Hungarian musicians, and frequently sing at live concerts heard on local radio and naturally, make frequent recordings. Their repertoire includes both classical choir music pieces by such respected composers as Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók, Lajos Bárdos and József Karai. Additionally, the choir now includes featured numbers from both contemporary Hungarian and global music genres.


The Art Director and Choirmaster of the choir is the highly revered composer and music instructor, Mr. Tamás Schóber, who has been awarded numerous prizes at national and international choir competitions.  He and his choirs have staged concerts in 30 countries around the globe participating in competitions and popularizing Zoltán  Kodály’s pedagogical concepts and methodology with respect to teaching music. Mr. Schóber’s work and achievements have been acknowledged in countries throughout Europe, in addition to Canada, China and the United States. He admirably performed as the Choir Director to one of the prestigious Ambassador Choirs at EUROPA CANTAT 2015.  A former student of his, the talented Mr. András Rébék-Nagy, now assists him in his immense duties. The primary sponsor of TAMÁS SCHÓBER and the PANNON CHILDREN’S CHOIR is the UNIVERSITY OF PÉCS, the first university of Hungary, founded in 1367, celebrating the 650th anniversary of its foundation this year.






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