The SCHTUDIOTON Corporation offers premium exercise books and stationeries.

It's a pleasure to use the high-quality products made by SCHTUDIOTON, they are durable and they also have an elegant appearance. A SCHTUDIOTON exercise books gives confidence to it's users and enough space to their hand made works. Nowadays digital devices are getting bigger and bigger space, that's why the importance of the handwritten purports is increasing. You can think about literary, mathematical, artistical and musical purports, SCHTUDIOTON products will satisfy all your requirements in any of these areas.

Our philosophy:

The handwritten lines are getting more important, they're becoming personal values, and the importance of these things is increasing day by day. You leave marks during your entire life for your present, for your future and for the upcoming generations. That's the reason why you should use an appropriate form to note your thoughts down. According to us SCHTUDIOTON is the best choice for you in this case!

 If you have high standards and you like premium, high-quality products and you also want to use a product which can satisfy all your requirements, then we sincerely recommend you to use the SCHTUDIOTON products!



Már kapható: dalok.hu, Apple Music, Spotify
Mise a holt lelkekért
2050 Ft/10 EUR/ 12 USD

Schtudioton jegyzettömb nagy/ big Schtudioton notebook
381 HUF/ 1,5 EUR

Barna Schtudioton vonalas füzet B5-ös méretben/ Brown Schtudioton exercise book, lined, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Hamarosan elérhető: dalok.hu, Apple Music, Spotify
750 HUF/ 2 EUR /3 USD

Már kapható: dalok.hu, Apple Music, Spotify
Mediterrán Pécs
2050 Ft/ 10 EUR/ 12 USD