Activities and Services


Producing, recording and publishing classical music CDs with full publishing administration

Producing CDs of primary and secondary school choirs, amateur choirs, orchestras, professional performers and all sorts of ensembles

With our mobile studio it is possible to record your own CDs anywhere you want including simple flats. We can produce high-tech recordings in churches or under peculiar circumstances.

Restoring archive records of any styles and converting 78 rpm phonograph records, 45 rpm single records and the microgroove lp 33 rpm records, cassette or reel-to-reel audio tape recordings and minidiscs recordings to CDs

Converting audio and video records to digital formats

Music education

Music education consulting

Organizing concerts

Perfomance activities

SCHTUDIOTON has produced CDs of a number of soloists, orchestras, chamber ensembles and records of special instrument combinations

Schóber LLC published several CDs recorded and directed by the Hungarian sound engineer László Dobos


SCHTUDIOTON always employs the best-trained and best-educated experts to accomplish professional services. This is the trademark of SCHTUDIOTON. 


Listen to the sound samples of our releases already on sale.

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Szürke Schtudioton vonalas füzet B5- ös méretben/ Grey Schtudioton exercise book, lined, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

Barna Schtudioton sima füzet B5-ös méretben/ Brown Schtudioton exercise book, blank, size: B5
635 HUF/ 2,5 EUR

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Mise a holt lelkekért
2050 Ft/10 EUR/ 12 USD

Schtudioton jegyzettömb kicsi-nagy többféle színben/ small and big Schtudioton notebooks books in big variety of colours
254-381 HUF/ 1- 1,5 EUR

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Lúdas Matyi
2050Ft/ 10 EUR/ 12 USD