About the Company


Name: Schóber Cultural Trading Limited Liability Company (Schóber LLC)


Manager: Tamás Schóber, head of audio studio


Date of Registry at the Registry Court: 1/4/1996


Trade Register Number: 02-03-060150 Registry Court of Pécs


Tax Code: 20099284-2-02


EU Tax Code: HU 20099284


Schóber LLC activities are related to music and publishing including recording, duplicating CDs  and offering full copy right service.


Beside these services Schtudioton offers premium exercise books and other stationeries, which can satisfy all your requirements!




Már kapható!
A dalok.hu-n!
Pécs 2010/2
2050 Ft/ 10 EUR/ 12 USD

Három állatmese:
Harkály, Sün, Bagoly
1500 HUF/ 7 EUR/ 10 USD

Schtudioton jegyzettömb kicsi-nagy, többféle színben/ small and big Schtudioton notebooks in big variety of colours
254-381 HUF/ 1 -1,5 EUR

Már kapható: dalok.hu, Apple Music, Spotify
Két Lotti
2050Ft/ 10 EUR/ 12 USD

Schtudioton jegyzettömb kicsi/ small Schtudioton notebook
254 HUF/ 1 EUR